SoC Design, Design Verification

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Job Category & Requirements

 Job Category






 SOC Design


 -  Deciding on IP design specifications of

   SOC and developing microarchitecture

-  Logical circuit design and verification

-  Perform design integration tasks

   : Lint, CDC, Synthesis, ECO

-  Perform STA on the design circuit

-  Support physical implementation

 -  Knowledge of design of RTL logical


-  Ability to determine design specifications and implement circuits

-  Understanding chip design as a whole and understanding design methodology

-  Understanding programming languages such as C/C++


Design Verification

(DV) Engineer

 -  Develop a functional test plan for design

    (cooperate with the design team)

-  Design verification report : Constrained Random Verification Test / Directed Test

-  Establishing a design verification environment

-  Verification work to achieve functional coverage/code coverage goals

-  Validation at various design levels (IP/subsystem/SoC levels)

 -  Understand the latest verification

   methodology, such as UVMs.

-  Understanding HDL such as Verilog and SystemVerilog

-  Ability to analyze and debug the cause of the problem.

-  Knowledge of digital circuit design

-  Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

-  Understanding programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Perl, tcl, etc.



 Preferred in common

 - Applicants who can speak English,


Applicants who are good at Shell / Perl/

   Tcl / Python

-  SoC Design Service experienced





■ Notice
- Only experienced people can apply for experienced positions.
- A person who has completed military service or has been exempted from military service and is able to travel abroad and is healthy
- Preferential treatment when possessing a job-related certificate
- When hiring new employees, they are converted to full-time employees based on evaluation after three months of internship period.
- If there are no specific matters, such as moral or personality problems or lack of work skills, the transition to full-time employment is scheduled
■ Recruit Procedure
- Document screening → First interview → Second interview → Recruitment
- The results of the document screening and the acceptance of the interview will be notified individually.
■ Required Documents
- job application, self-introduction, career introduction (including tool skills (EDA))
- specify the desired salary
■ Further Information
- If you have any questions regarding employment, please ask (Email:
- If the entry is found to be false after applying for a job, the acceptance or recruitment may be canceled.