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  • South Korean semiconductor design company CoAsia will participate in the Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF) and Samsung SAFE Forum 2024 to introduce advanced packaging solutions for AI semiconductors.

    On the 12th, CoAsia announced its plans to focus on securing global clients by showcasing its latest technologies, including MDI (Multi-Die Integration) solutions, at the 'Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF)' and 'Samsung SAFE Forum 2024'.

    The Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF) and Samsung SAFE Forum will be held in San Jose, USA, on June 12 and 13, and in Seoul, Korea, at COEX on July 9. 

    The Samsung SAFE Forum is an event where Samsung's official partners gather to enhance global cooperation and share innovative technologies to build and advance the ecosystem.

    At the SFF and SAFE Forum, CoAsia will operate an offline booth to introduce its cutting-edge AI solution technologies as a Samsung Foundry partner and strengthen its network with global customers and partners.

    Additionally, in the tech session, CoAsia will present on the topic 'Co-design and Analysis Solution for MDI (Multi-Die Integration)' to introduce the latest design solutions that meet the needs of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HPC (High-Performance Computing) customers.

    The technical solutions will showcase CoAsia's unique and differentiated capabilities that minimize design errors and shorten development time in advanced packaging design for AI semiconductor chip manufacturing.

    Dong-Soo Shin, Head of CoAsia's Semiconductor Division, stated, "With the rapid development of generative AI, the importance of foundry advanced processes in AI semiconductor chip development and manufacturing is increasing. 

    Particularly, advanced packaging technology is emerging as a key competitive edge in AI semiconductors. We expect that CoAsia's differentiated advanced packaging and interposer solution technologies introduced at this event will attract the attention of global potential customers."

    Link: 코아시아, '삼성 파운드리 포럼'서 신규 AI 솔루션 공개 (