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작성일 23-12-08 10:54



Workation in Yangyang!

Combining work and vacation into one – let's meet up~~ GO! go!

Encountering special moments in Yangyang with the vast blue sea spread out before us.


In the sun-filled morning at the beach, the long-lasting sound of waves seemed to cleanse the mind.

Experiencing a workation like never before, relishing the uniqueness of that moment >_<

Is it a vacation?! Or work?! The sea right in front of us~

Working while facing the sea feels like a vacation in itself ^__^


In the evening, while watching soccer with colleagues during our workation, we enjoyed delightful conversations~!!

Walking along the trails in nature, I was amazed by the beauty of nature accompanied by refreshing air

Silent walks in nature relaxed my mind and rejuvenated me with new energy!

The workation in Yangyang was a special experience that healed even my heart ^_^

I'm glad that moments here will remain as cherished memories ^)^