CoAsia SEMI - HANATEC, to form a DSP coalition for Samsung Foundry

작성일 21-01-15 13:12


January 7th, 2021 - CoAsia SEMI, a system semiconductor design company, announced that it has established a cooperative model for large-scale system semiconductor orders with domestic design service companies. CoAsia and HANATEC signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday.
CoAsia and HANATEC are the official design solution partners(DSP) of Samsung Electronics SAFE(Samsung Foundry Ecosystem). In addition to Gaon Chip, Samsung foundry DSPs, two South Korean fabless companies with high-end engineers also participated in the agreement.
With this agreement, CoAsia and HANATEC plan to establish a cooperative system to carry out global order projects by sharing their technologies, manpower, and infrastructure. After the agreement, the total number of coalition troops is about 400. CoAsia said, "If we add new engineers scheduled to be hired this year for each company, the manpower pool will increase to tje level of 600~700 by the end of the year. Compared to the 600 employees of Taiwan's GUC, the world's largest design service company, it is the top level not only in Korea but also in the world."
Currently, the foundry market is facing a super-cycle era of semiconductors as demand continues to increase. Samsung Electronics said it will invest a total of 133 trillion won by 2030 in the system semiconductor sector.
​An official from CoAsia said, "We have formed an alliance for global large-scale orders in line with Samsung Electronics' Pure Foundry policy. We will work closely with the association to provide globally competitive system semiconductor design solutions." Also said "As the semiconductor industry is in a boom, DSP will also play a role of providing optimized solutions to foundry production processes. We will grow together through the formation of a coalition and take the lead in strengthening the design competitiveness of domestic system semiconductors."