CoAsia SEMI, Selected as a system semiconductor DSP of Samsung Foundry

작성일 20-06-22 17:20


CoAsia is making concrete progress in its system semiconductor foundry business that it entered last year.

According to the IT industry on the 8th, CoAsia SEMI, a subsidiary of CoAsia, has been registered as a DSP(Design Solution Partner) company of SAFE. SAFE(Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem) is a system that supports Samsung Foundry partners and customers to design and verify products, or utilize Samsung's intellectual property rights. CoAisa SEMI’s registration as a DSP can be found on the Samsung Foundry website.

The industry is expecting that CoAsia SEMI will speed up its foundry business by registering as a partner. DSP implements and delivers customer’s ideas and algorithms into semiconductor chips.

Last year, CoAsia established Hong Kong subsidiary CoAsia SEMI and invested in Semihow and Nexell, which specialize in system semiconductor design. Nexell, which was acquired by CoAsia, has been developing its own brand products such as application processors(APs), graphics processing units(GPUs), and neural network processing units(NPUs) and conducting system-on-chip(SoC) design solution business since the establishment in 2009.

Shin Ji-hoon, a researcher at Leading Investment & Securities, said, "TSMC is working with design houses under the system called VCA and one of the major companies is GUC.”, and expected, “CoAsia is also planning to accelerate its system semiconductor business with Nexell after registering as a DSP." TSMC is a Taiwanese company that ranks first in the foundry industry.

An industry insider said, "Samsung Electronics is expanding its investment with the goal of becoming the world leader in system semiconductors in 2030. We expect that CoAsia’s foundry business will speed up."